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By partnering with imaware, The Pill Club can provide further sexual health and wellness tools, eliminate accessibility concerns, and continue to focus on supplying personalized care.

Who is The Pill Club?

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The Pill Club began as an online birth control and emergency contraception delivery service. Through virtual visits with licensed practitioners, it focused on supplying convenient, accessible and affordable contraception — ensuring no woman or person who menstruates was left behind. Accepting nationwide coverage, The Pill Club has provided more reproductive care than other Telehealth services and reached 99% of contraceptive deserts.

Now serving over 3 million members, The Pill Club has expanded its options to include skincare, menstruation care, and other sexual health and wellness services in addition to its original offerings. The Pill Club offers a multi-layered healthcare experience with devoted medical, pharmacy and patient care teams.

As patient numbers grow, it is important for The Pill Club to continue to develop its services to meet its patients' diverse needs and offer more self-care tools.

Partnering with imaware

In the United States, STIs continue to rise while testing rates are declining, a problem notably worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the rising numbers, The Pill Club saw a need to offer their patients an STI test that they could do with few hurdles. Due to the remote nature of their services and the urgency one feels when waiting for STI results, finding a user-friendly test that provides quick answers was important.

"This test will be instrumental in enabling our patients to detect STIs earlier from the comfort of their home."

With strong clinical integrity, CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs, and a mission of empowering people to better their health, imaware was an ideal partner for this at-home test. imaware provides a patient-focused product with easy-to-understand results and the ability to integrate with partner companies seamlessly.

Easy integration ensures no gaps in patient care, so The Pill Club's specialists would be able to continue providing the best-personalized health and wellness experience, including service beyond simple patient test results delivery. The best patient outcomes come from efficient test results and continuous support from testing to follow-up care.

The Solution

The STI screening test consists of eight key biomarkers carefully selected based on their relevance and frequency of occurrence. The biomarkers include gonorrhoeae, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mycoplasma genitalium (MG), ureaplasma urealyticum, syphilis and two herpes biomarkers. This broad range test is possible given the capabilities for rapid co-detection of multiple STIs from one sample. A comprehensive range is valuable as it cuts down on the guesswork regarding which STIs to test for, making the testing more efficient and increasing the overall number of diagnoses.

This white-labeled test, sold by The Pill Club and powered by imaware, seeks to improve the rate of STI testing by increasing accessibility and patient support throughout the process.

Working with forward-thinking healthcare brands

Businesses across a spectrum of industries use imaware to elevate their healthcare offerings. We partner with health and wellness businesses (such as nutrition programs and fitness brands), telehealth organizations, employee healthcare programs, insurance providers and more.

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How long does it take to get results?

Our tests take 3-5 business days to result from the moment they arrive at the lab.

What kinds of companies do you currently work with?

Since the pandemic started, we have supported organizations across various industries in their COVID screening and monitoring protocols. We also work with a wide range of health and wellness brands specializing in fitness, nutrition, fertility, sexual health, men's and women's health and more!

What is your API integration process?

After an initial chat with our team to assess your needs and technical requirements, we connect you with one of our product specialists to outline our quick and easy deployment process.

Are imaware results as accurate as traditional lab tests?

Yes. Not only are your results as accurate as traditional lab tests, but we’re actually the first at-home small volume blood testing company to have our data and methods peer-reviewed by the scientific and medical community — which helps validate our claims and our results reports. Learn more about the exact science behind imaware tests.

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