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Harness the power of at-home health testing with our API-lab connected infrastructure.

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A new level of customer experience

Be a step ahead of the competition by bringing the future of personalized health data to your customers today.

By partnering with imaware™, you’re opening up a unique opportunity to tailor your products to meet your customers’ specific needs. While the science for at home testing is specific, the setup is simple.

Build your panel

From holistic medicine to data-driven fitness plans, our team will help you create the right custom biomarker panel from our expansive list - all based on your customer's unique needs.

Brand your kits

From packaging to marketing material, and access to medical and scientific leaders, we are committed to supporting an end-to-end digitally native experience that is uniquely yours.

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Bring on the data

Through the imaware™ API, we deliver physician-reviewed health insights to your customers that are HIPAA compliant and, most importantly, easy to understand.

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of individuals in 2020 who tracked their health say it changed their behaviour at least moderately.
- Deloitte Insights

$450 Billion

The projected annual reduction in US healthcare spending when big data analytics is applied on a system-wide basis.
- Accenture

17.7% CAGR

From 2018 to 2025, big data analytics in healthcare is projected to reach $34.16 billion in market size value.
- Allied Market Research

We are now in an age where science and technology have converged to allow reliable and precise remote and home-based blood testing.
E. P. Diamandis, MD, Ph.D
Head of Clinical Biochemistry at Mount Sinai Hospital

What people are saying

Great Process

Everything was a smooth process from ordering to getting the results. The test itself was easy.

James S.

Insane Cost Savings

I checked with my regular physician and he said to get the same results it would cost $1,500. This test is easy and quick. Thank you.

Thomas F.

Very Easy

After reading numerous articles about how beneficial Vitamin D is to immune health, we decided to test our levels periodically to keep them in optimal range for good health. This test is so easy and the results were emailed to us in 5 days. We highly recommend this outstanding service.

Kathy B.

Quick Results

I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of taking the sample, shipping off the sample, and greatly impressed with the quick results! Luckily my Gluten Free diet is working!

Rita F.

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