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Meet our leading Medical Scientist on Celiac Disease Detection – Dr. Detlef Schuppan, MD, Ph.D.

Jani Tuomi
1 minute
September 2, 2020
September 8, 2020

Dr. Detlef Schuppan (PhD) is the world’s leading researcher on celiac disease, and is credited with discovering the tTG biomarker which is now the gold standard for screening for Celiac Disease. He is currently the founding director of The Institute for Translational Immunology (TIM), and a professor of internal medicine, gastroenterology, and hepatology at the Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany. He directs the outpatient clinic for celiac disease and small intestinal diseases. He is also a professor of medicine and senior visiting scientist at Harvard Medical School.

We are excited to have Dr. Schuppan as part of our Medical Sciences team at imaware™. His leadership and advanced research on celiac disease has informed and validated our consumer-facing celiac disease lab report. Dr. Schuppan has also been instrumental in reviewing and validating the precision and accuracy of our microarray testing platform.

With his continued dedication to research, Dr. Schuppan has contributed to the progression of modern day detection of the disease, and it has been pivotal to have his guidance, expertise and validation enabling the groundbreaking levels of accuracy in our at home test for celiac disease.

Dr. Schuppan’s clinical work and research are focused on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of chronic inflammatory diseases and the translation of these findings into clinical practice. To date, he has helped develop novel diagnostic tools and therapies for inflammatory and fibrotic diseases of the liver, intestine, and other organs, and for celiac disease, non-celiac/ non-allergy gluten sensitivity, and associated autoimmune and systemic diseases.

Dr. Schuppan received his MD degree in Berlin, Germany, and has received two PhD degrees (Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry in Munich and Free University of Berlin, Germany). He is a member of several committees of the AGA, AASLD, and the United European Gastroenterological Foundation. He serves as Associate Editor of American Journal of Physiology, Journal of Hepatology and Gastroenterology, and is editorial board member of the Journal of Clinical Investigation. He has published more than 440 Pubmed cited articles.

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Jani Tuomi
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