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Where is imaware™? Find Us Near You!

Jani Tuomi
1 minute
September 2, 2020
September 24, 2020

2020 Events

KETOCon 2020

Austin, TX

June 12-14 2020 - Booth 523

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Austin, TX

Palmer Events Center - Booth 13

UPDATED DATE: July 14-16

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Nourished Festival

Chicago, IL - Schaumburg Convention Center

UPDATED DATE: August 15-16

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Nourished Festival

Seattle, WA - Seattle Center Exhibition Hall

September 12th and 13th 2020

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FNCE Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo

Indianapolis, IN - Indiana Convention Center

October 17-20 2020

For dietitian professional only.

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Nourished Festival

Denver, CO - Colorado Convention Center

October 17-20 2020

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Keto Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City - Sandy, UT

Karen Gail Miller Conference Center- Booth 17

UPDATED DATE: October 30-31

Nourished Festival

Portland, OR - Oregon Convention Center

UPDATED DATE: November 7-8

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Nourished Festival

San Diego, CA - Del Mar fairgrounds

December 5th and 6th

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SXSW Wellness Expo

Austin, TX

Palmer Events Center - Booth 521


Swag Bags

Find us in your swag bag at the following events:

EatRight Illinois Spring Academy, POSTPONED

Nourished Festival, Charlotte NC, August 1-2

Gluten Free New England, Greenwich, CT July 2020

Nourished Festival, Worcester, MA, July 2020

Gluten Free New England, Plantsville, CT November 2020

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Jani Tuomi
Co-founder at imaware™

Jani Tuomi is the co-founder and the creator of imaware™, the direct to consumer at-home blood testing platform. Jani has spent over 18 years building technology products that people enjoy using. After having loved ones go through major health issues, and learn that most illness can be prevented, Jani is passionate about helping people engage in proactive healthcare through easy to use, affordable at-home screening.