Let's walk you through your sample collection.

Tips before getting started

The video below will go through the collection process step-by-step. But first, here are some key tips.


Wash your hands with water as warm as you can tolerate for 1 - 2 minutes. This helps increase blood flow.


Plan to collect your sample immediately after washing your hands — they should still be warm!


The best place to prick your finger is near the finger pad, typically on the ring finger. Try to avoid the finger tips. We'll review details in the video below.


Don't squeeze your finger too hard to get blood droplets out! This may destroy blood cells and invalidate your sample.

What to do

A sample collection device
Fill your collection device above the 400 line.

What not to do

A sample collection device
Be sure not to fill your collection device from the wrong end.
A sample collection device
Not enough blood, add more drops.

Before you ship off your sample:

Place the collection device back into the box.

Put the box into the shipping bag provided with prepaid shipping label.

Ship your sample within 24 hours.

Visit your nearest UPS location to drop off your kit.
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