Let's activate your
Insulin Resistance test.

You must activate each ADX collection card online before collecting your three samples. We'll walk you through the entire process below. 

Please make sure you meet the following requirements

Before collecting your samples, you must:
  • Have consumed at least 150g of carbs per day for 2 days prior to the test (especially important for people on a low carb diet)
  • Fast for 8 hours (no food or drink) prior to collecting your first sample.
  • Have a drink ready nearby containing around 75g of sugar to ingest after collecting your first blood sample.
These steps are essential to collecting an accurate sample.
If you don't meet any of these criteria, don't begin your test and come back when you do.

Activate your collection cards

To ensure your sample is properly processed, you need to activate your kit using the barcodes on your three ADx collection cards.  Use this page to activate each card, one at a time, before you collect each sample. It doesn’t matter which card you activate first.