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Rheumatoid Arthritis Test

The only at-home CCP-IgG screening test for rheumatoid arthritis

It’s estimated that over 2 million Americans have rheumatoid arthritis, which can develop for months without showing any symptoms. This screening test analyzes citrullinated peptide antibody (CCP-IgG) and 2 rheumatoid arthritis (RF) biomarkers, all in the same sample, to accurately detect its presence¹.

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This test measures 3 key biomarkers related to rheumatoid arthritis

imaware™ is the only at-home rheumatoid arthritis screening test capable of detecting the cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody (CCP-IgG). CCP-IgG is a unique biomarker that can provide awareness of RA before symptoms appear¹. We also screen for two Rheumatoid Factor (RF) biomarkers in the single test to provide a more comprehensive result.

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Common rheumatoid arthritis symptoms to watch for

Rheumatoid arthritis can develop for months without displaying any symptoms, and immediate family members are 5x more likely to be affected. You should also consider getting tested if you experience any of the following symptoms²,⁵:

Leg pain

Joint pain


*If you are experiencing heart attack symptoms, please see a doctor immediately.

3.6 Million

Over 1.1% of Americans are currently affected by celiac disease¹


Of those who are affected are currently undiagnosed¹⁻²

What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is a serious autoimmune condition that causes your own autoimmune system to mistakenly attack itself. Rheumatoid arthritis starts to develop months¹ before symptoms show — causing joint pain, arthritis and often permanent joint damage. Over 2 Million Americans are estimated to have RA, and about 1.3 Million Americans were diagnosed with RA as of 2014⁵,⁶.

Who is the most at risk?

First-degree family members are 5 times more likely to have rheumatoid arthritis as well — and your general likelihood of developing this condition grows as you get older. Cases are also more commonly found in women, and other risk factors such as obesity and smoking have also been linked to rheumatoid arthritis³.

What’s the benefit of early testing?

Rheumatoid arthritis starts to develop months before symptoms show, so early testing can significantly reduce time to diagnosis. Early treatment is critical to slowing the progression of RA, preventing long-term joint damage, and protecting your overall health. If left untreated, over 20% of patients become severely debilitated within the first 3 years following initial diagnosis.

What you get with imaware

Uncover life-impacting health data and get a complete picture of your health.

CLIA Certified Labs

Our laboratories are based in the United States, and CLIA  & CAP certified.

Physician Reviewed

Results are physician reviewed once the sample has been processed.

Secure Data

We use industry-grade encryption to ensure your data is always protected.

How it works

Our 3-step testing process provides peace of mind, no appointment necessary. Just order your home health kit online, collect & mail back your sample, then review your physician verified results online in less than a week.

A hand holding a collection device
1. Prepare & Collect

Prepare for collection, activate your kit, and collect your sample at home.

A hand putting the product box back in an envelope
2. Secure & Ship

Secure and send in your sample on the same day using the prepaid label.

A hand holding an iPhone with a sample report
3. Review & Action

View confidential and accurate results online in your secure portal within 7 business days.

View confidential and accurate results online in your secure portal within 10 business days.

You will receive an easy to read and actionable digital lab report that helps you understand:

Whether you may have the condition
How likely you are to have the condition
How to engage your healthcare professional
How to track your progress over time

Rheumatoid Arthritis Test FAQ's

What will my results tell me?

The rheumatoid arthritis at-home test can tell you if you have elevated biomarkers that might indicate a high likelihood of rheumatoid arthritis. You can use your results report to engage with your primary care physician or a rheumatologist for further diagnostics and treatment if necessary. Read more about RA blood testing.

Who should take this test?

Anyone experiencing joint inflammation, joint pain/stiffness, loss of appetite or recurring bouts of fatigue should consider taking the imaware™ rheumatoid arthritis test. Anyone that has a family of history of RA should also be screened. This test is designed to provide awareness of RA before symptoms appear, as the average onset age for rheumatoid arthritis is between 30 and 60 years old.

Can my doctor use imaware™ results?

Yes. All of our tests are performed by CLIA-certified labs, the gold standard in lab testing quality regulation. Within your results report you will also find detailed information intended for your healthcare professional. They can use this information to interpret your test results clearly. To see an example of this, you can request a sample report at the top of this page.

How should I prepare for this test?

There is no need to fast or change your diet for this test. Return your sample via delivery carrier on the same day.

Are imaware™ results as accurate as traditional lab test?

Yes. Not only are your results as accurate as traditional lab tests, but we’re actually the first at-home small volume blood testing company to have our data and methods peer-reviewed by the scientific and medical community — which helps validate our claims and our results reports. Learn more about the exact science behind imaware tests.

How do I receive my test results?

You’ll receive an email from us within 7 business days of your sample return. The email will contain a link to view and download your test results on our secure digital health platform once they’ve been analyzed by our labs and reviewed by a doctor.

Are imaware™ test results reviewed by a doctor?

Yes, all our test results are reviewed by a physician during the lab analysis process to ensure the third party validation of your results.

My state requires physician orders for tests like imaware™. Do you provide this for me?

Yes, we provide physician orders for every test in every state (even those that do not require them). You don’t need to get a prescription or pay extra for this service as it’s included in the purchase price of each test.


You can trust us to get you the answers you need, but don't just take our word for it. Read our reviews.

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Would 100% recommend! Their test gave me enough information to take to my primary care doctor and helped me finally get a diagnosis.
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imaware™ is amazing!
To execute the test is very simple and the results were provided in a very timely manner, well documented, and easy to understand! I HIGHLY recommend imaware!
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So easy.
The test was very easy to perform. The whole process was smooth and simple; from shopping to checkout to receiving the results.
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Innovative at-home Celiac Blood Test.
Great product. Modern style packaging. Quick and easy to use. Much less stress than going to a doctor and lab to have blood drawn.
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You can trust us to get you the answers you need, but don't just take our word for it. Read our reviews.

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You can trust us to get you the answers you need, but don't just take our word for it. Read our reviews.

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