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Kevin Deane, MD, Ph.D

Associate Professor & Rheumatologist

imaware™ medical advisor

A variety of autoimmune diseases have a ‘preclinical’ period of development where blood or other tests can show abnormalities in the immune system sometimes years prior to someone feeling ‘sick’. Dr. Deane’s research is focused primarily on the preclinical rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Dr. Deane is currently a principal or co-investigator in several multi-centered studies investigating how genetics and environmental factors influence the early development of RA. He also has special interests in the role of the lung and other mucosal sites in the development of RA.​ Dr. Deane is also the Principal Investigator on an NIH-sponsored clinical trial for the prevention of RA that is entitled ‘Strategy for the Prevention of RA, or 'StopRA'.

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Kevin Deane, MD, Ph.D

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Kevin Deane, MD, Ph.D

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