Ioannis Prassas, Ph.D

Staff Scientist, Mount Sinai Hospital

Medical Advisor at imaware™


Ioannis Prassas is a scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto, Canada), Department of Pathology and the Lunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute (Toronto, Canada). Trained as a molecular biologist, his research focuses mostly on the application of proteomic technologies for diagnostics. Under his guidance a novel-immunoproteomic platform has recently been developed with great promise in delineating proteome-wide humoral responses. In a proof-of-concept series, global autoantibody responses in response to immune checkpoint blockade therapy and viral-induced autoimmune activation have been recently delineated using this platform. Ioannis has co-authored 47 peer-reviewed articles.


2000-2004: Democritus University of Thrace, Bsc, Molecular Biology & Genetics

2006-2011: University of Toronto, PhD

2011-2016: Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Post-doctoral fellow

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  • Researching cancer
  • Chemical biology
  • Drug development
  • Molecular pharmacology
Ioannis Prassas, Ph.D

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Ioannis Prassas, Ph.D

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Ioannis Prassas, Ph.D

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