Why You Shouldn’t Commit to Your New Year’s Resolution

Resolutions are out, intentions are in.

No, we're not coming after goals — goals are still a great driver of planning and improvement. Goals in the form of New Year's resolutions, on the other hand? Those could use some remodeling. 

Did you know that most New Year's resolutions last only two to four months?1 Think back to resolutions you may have set, how long they lasted (let's be honest here) and consider the deterrents. 

Many resolutions fall by the wayside as we become disheartened by the lack of immediate success. Combine the lack of results (and thus motivation) with a busy life, and it's easy to let it go. Whether you’ve just started your resolution or are struggling to follow it months later, consider tweaking your approach to be more intention-oriented. Intentions are a way to endeavor for improvement but through a more general, long-term lens that can still have powerful results.

Resolutions are out, intentions are in.

Rather than saying, "I'd like to lose XX amount of weight," for example, make your intention something like, "I'd like to be healthier." This lessens the pressure and feels more achievable as your success is not tied to anything specific. If you want something concrete, support your overarching intention with smaller goals and milestones. For example, if your intention is to be healthier, set goals around your frequency of physical activity, time spent on nutrition or measuring overall health with imaware every 90 days.

To choose your intention, consider what things are most important to you and what you'd like to do more of, categorize the results and use that list as inspiration. Examples of intentions could be making more connections, leaving your comfort zone or prioritizing health. Another popular method is simply choosing one word to drive your intentions for the year, such as "move," "gratitude," "learn," or "love." Don't stress about choosing the perfect one, either — intentions are meant to serve and inspire, not restrict you.

We’re here for you as you rework your resolutions! 


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