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Backed by cutting edge science.

Health care isn't one size fits all. We harness the latest medical technology combined with evidence-based science to give you the most accurate personal health data.

Small Volume Blood Testing

We use a combination of capillary-blood testing, microarray testing, and multiple biomarker analysis to ensure you get the most accurate insights from your blood.
Collection devices
capillary-blood testing

imaware™ uses capillary-based blood collection. Providing an easy, reliable and accurate test. Capillary-based blood collection is less invasive, requires small amounts of blood, and can be performed quickly and easily. Capillary blood is a combination of blood from your veins and your arteries. It has been proven to be accurate for disease analysis.

microarray testing

imaware™ conducts multiple lab tests at the same time, from the same blood sample.  We have worked with lab equipment providers to miniaturize testing equipment and panels to support small volume blood testing. We utilize dual-layer multiplexing, which is patented and exclusive to imaware™ to test for comprehensive immune responses in one reaction.

Illustration of a microarray
Illustration of a biomarker
multiple biomarker analysis

With almost all our tests, imaware™ tests for multiple biomarkers to provide a more comprehensive perspective into your health condition. Measuring multiple markers helps us reduce false negatives, as well as increase the precision of our tests.

CLIA Certified Labs

We’re highly selective about who we work with, and only partner with laboratories based in the US that we know will process your results accurately, quickly and securely. All of our partners are CLIA certified & CAP accredited. These accreditations ensure that your results achieve the highest standards with each biomarker validated to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

CLIA logo

"imaware™ has combined small-volume blood testing, multiple biomarker multiplexing, and big data to truly help identify disease before symptoms show. In my opinion this is the start of true proactive healthcare."

Margaret R. Spitz, M.P.H.
National Cancer Advisory Board

"We are now in an age where science and technology have converged to allow reliable and precise remote and home-based blood testing."

E. P. Diamandis, MD, Ph.D
Head of Clinical Biochemistry at Mount Sinai Hospital

"We are now in an age where science and technology have converged to allow reliable and precise remote and home-based blood testing."

- Dr. Diamandis

Safe & simple at home collection

Our 3-step testing process provides peace of mind, no appointment necessary. Just order your home health kit online, collect & mail back your sample, then review your physician verified results online in less than a week.

1. Prepare & Collect

Prepare for collection, activate your kit, and collect your sample at home.

2. Secure & Ship

Secure and send in your sample on the same day using the prepaid label.

3. Review & Action

View confidential and accurate results online in your secure portal within 7 days.

You will receive an easy to read and actionable digital lab report that helps you understand:

Whether you may have the condition
How likely you are to have the condition
How to engage your healthcare professional
How to track your progress over time

Ready to take control of your health?

We have screened hundreds of thousands of people for preventable, chronic conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Awareness is bliss. Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about our home testing capabilities + scientifically proven approach.

You can also email us at support@imaware.health

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How long does it take to get results?

You will receive an e-mail from us within 7 days of your sample return, with a link to view your test results on our secure digital health platform once your results are ready.

My state requires physician orders for tests like imaware™. Do you provide this for me?

Yes, we provide physician orders for every test in every state (even those that do not require them). You do not need to get a prescription, or pay extra for this service as we include this in the purchase price of each test.

Are imaware™ test results validated by a doctor?

Yes, each test result is shared with the physician that validated the requisition during the ordering process. This ensures third party validation of your results.

Are results as accurate as a lab-based test?

Your results are as accurate as traditional lab tests. We are in fact the first at-home small volume blood testing company to have our data and methods peer-reviewed by the scientific and medical community, which helps validate our claims.

Are my test results stored securely?

Yes, your imaware™ account is secure. We have built leading-edge encryption and security features, and our digital health platform is HIPAA compliant. For more details about our privacy policy, please click here.