There are health benefits to being thankful.

‘Tis the season to be thankful. Though it may be seen as an uplifting tradition, the simple practice of gratitude can have a more significant impact than one might think.

According to various studies, taking a moment to practice gratitude — the act of being thankful — can influence aspects of your mental health1 and, surprisingly, your physical health. Gratitude, appreciation and optimism have been found to help:

  • Boost your mood2
  • Manage stress, anxiety and depression34
  • Improve sleep quality5
  • Increase immune function6
  • Reduce cardiovascular health risks7

With all these benefits, gratitude does not need to be restricted to one day a year. Instead, it is something worth implementing into your everyday health routine. Some easy forms of gratitude include:

  • Journaling: Start by writing down one thing you are grateful for before bed.
  • Sharing with others: Let others know when you are grateful for something they bring to the moment.
  • Mental practice: Try taking a minute of gratitude — this can be a moment of quiet when you meditate, fall asleep, eat lunch, or even start a meeting.

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