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🎁 The Ultimate Gift Guide for Health & Wellness

Bring health home for the holidays

Mairi Sutherland

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Questions About Your Health?

Curious what your blood has to say about your current health? Try a test today.

Take the guesswork out of lab work

Our new Symptom Checker analyzes your symptoms to find the right health test for you.
Key takeaways

For the fitness and wellness enthusiast

If you are shopping for someone who loves all things fitness and wellness-oriented, the Men's and Women's Health & Wellness tests are a match. These tests are an easy way to measure progress toward their goals and New Year’s resolutions — they can monitor vital functions such as ferritin, vitamin D, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, all from home! 

Bonus health assessments: the Men's test includes testosterone monitoring and prostate cancer screening; the Women's test assesses thyroid function with TSH measurement. 

For the refuse-to-get-sick types

Here's a perfect gift for those who take not getting sick to the next level or who just REALLY can't get sick right now. Assist in their quest for optimal immune strength by giving them our Immune Defense test that helps identify their health strengths and areas to improve

For the sunshine-conscious

Low vitamin D is no fun for anyone, whether they are sun-safety conscious or a sunshine lover struggling with the dark winter days. The Vitamin D Monitoring test can help them keep an eye on their vitamin D levels with minimal effort (and without booking them a holiday in the sun). 

For the heart health-focused

Encourage your loved one’s heart-smart lifestyle with this seven-biomarkers-in-one heart health test kit, our Baseline Heart Health test. Whether it's to supplement their regular checkups or be a nudge in the right direction, this gift puts their heart first.

Not sure if these tests hit the mark? View our entire test menu to select the best fit for your friends or family.

Updated on
December 14, 2022
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