Fitness Through TikTok Trends

Three fun and trending ways to add more exercise to your day.

Here are three TikTok trends that infuse some fun into fitness:

The Plank Dance Challenge

There are a lot of TikTok dance trends to get you moving, but if you are looking for a good core workout, try the Plank Dance Challenge. Not your average plank, this trend strengthens your core while incorporating different movements like raising and lowering your arms, stepping in and out, and dipping your middle, all to the beat of a song. With this trend, you can work different muscles, get some cardio and distract yourself from the hard work of it all with a fun dance routine.

Hot Girl Walk vs Grumpy Girl Stomp

The #hotgirlwalk is a popular trend that goes beyond a simple walk. The walk is intended to generate feelings of empowerment as you think about goals, practice gratitude and remind yourself how awesome you are during the stroll. In addition to the mental health benefits, it includes the bonuses of adding to your daily step count and helping your cardiovascular health.1

Not in the mood for a Hot Girl Walk? Try the #grumpygirlstomp. This alternative is for those who just aren't feeling it today. Get cardiovascular benefits while you generate some feel-good hormones and maybe process whatever's got you in a slump.

Model Walk Challenge ft. Treadmills

TikTokers are bringing the #modelwalkchallenge to the treadmill. Treadmills are a great cardio tool, but if you are finding your typical routine a bit bland, spice it up with this trend. Start by playing your favorite pump-up song and begin to walk normally. Then, as soon as the beat drops, start strutting like you are on the fiercest fashion runway. Not only is this a fun change, but it can help improve posture, and it requires different muscle control than your regular walk.2

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