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Creatinine is a breakdown compound produced by working muscles. It is filtered out of the blood by the kidneys, then is released from the body in urine. In a healthy person, the level of creatinine is constant because the kidneys are able to filter it out as it is produced. This makes creatinine a useful biomarker to indicate how well the kidneys are functioning because a buildup of creatinine in your blood may indicate your kidneys are not filtering your blood properly.

Your creatinine levels can be elevated due to complications related to diabetes, medication toxicity, kidney infection, high blood pressure, heart disease, and conditions that block the flow of urine.

A normal level of creatinine depends on your age, ethnicity, gender, and muscle mass. Your healthcare professional may perform a urine test to confirm your blood levels.

Working with a healthcare professional to address the condition affecting your kidney function may help lower your creatinine levels back to normal. This could include dietary and lifestyle changes, including not smoking and limiting alcohol consumption.


Last updated:
August 17, 2021

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