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imaware™ gift cards make it simple to bring the ones you love self certainty and care with a gift that lets them choose an at-home health test of their choice. Every one of our lab tests offers easy collection, free shipping both ways, and physician-reviewed results.

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What you get with imaware

Uncover life-impacting health data and get a complete picture of your health.

CLIA Certified Labs

Our laboratories are based in the United States, and CLIA  & CAP certified.

Physician Reviewed

Results are physician reviewed once the sample has been processed.

Secure Data

We use industry-grade encryption to ensure your data is always protected.

Step 1

Collect your sample

A quick at-home finger prick test provides the few drops of blood we need to do a thorough health analysis.

Step 2

Mail your sample

Simply place your sample in the packaging provided and send it to our approved lab — the shipping costs are on us.

Step 3

Review your results

Get first-hand access to invaluable 
health data. View your results and recommendations online. Knowledge 
is power!

Orienna S.

The blood collection was very simple, with easy instructions to follow. Would definitely recommend!

Duncan L.

I’ve tried other PSA home test kits and Imaware is by far the best. The best feature for me was the professional and clear test results you get after submitting your sample.

Kevin S.

The entire process, from finding and ordering the test through receiving the results, was very smooth.

Donald R.

Test was easy to follow and results were processed and transmitted quickly. I really liked the color-coded dashboard summary.

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